Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Turkey Round-up from PE Central

Does this Belong to You?

Bike Found on Anderson Playground!  Please claim it if it belongs to you.  Stella does not come with the bike:) 

21 Day Challenge

It’s time to complete the 21 day challenge survey.   Here is the link  Only students that did the beginning survey, snacked healthy for 21 days, and completed the post survey will receive their 21 day challenge reward.  Rewards will come to Anderson after winter break.

Thanksgiving Challenge

Anderson Receives Grant form HOPSport!

Congratulations! KIDS in the GAME is able to get you the HOPSports Training System, as part of the GO! Grant award, sponsored by Active Network.   We are so grateful for this $18,000 grant.   You now have access to this awesome online resource.  The HOPSorts link has a diverse group of activities that combine education and fitness:
The username is laaddis and the password is pe4all.