Friday, May 11, 2018

LHS Camps!

Strength & Conditioning
June 18-Aug. 2
(Off 4th of July week)
Session 1
Returning athletes 8-10AM
Session 2
Incoming freshman 9-11AM
Session 3
Returning athletes 10-12PM
Liberty High School Indoor Facility
Incoming 9-12 Grade
June 11-14
Session 1
Incoming 8 & 9th 8-10am
Session 2
Incoming 3rd—5th 10:30am-12:30pm
Session 3
Incoming 6 & 7th 1:30-3:30pm
Liberty HS Gyms
Incoming 4–9th Grade
June 4-7
Session 1
Incoming K-7th 10:30-12:30pm
Session 2
Incoming 8-9th 1:30-4pm
Liberty High School Baseball Field
Session 1 $80
Session 2 $100
Incoming K-9th Grade
Girls Basketball
June 4-7
Session 1
Incoming 7-9th 8:30-11:30am
Session 2
Incoming 3 –6th 12-2pm
Liberty HS Gyms
Session 1 $120
Session 2 $ 80
Incoming 3-9th Grade
June 4-7
August 6-9
Session 1 Incoming 1st-5th
Session 2 Incoming 6th-8th
Liberty High School Indoor Facility
& Football Field
Session 1 $80
Session 2 $60
Incoming 1st-5th
Incoming 6th-8th Grade
June 11-14
Incoming 3-9th Grades
Liberty High School Softball Field
Incoming 3-9th Grade
Boys Basketball
June 4-7
Session 1
Incoming 3-6th 12pm-2pm
Session 2
Incoming 7th-9th 2:30-4:30pm
Liberty HS Gyms
Session 1 $80
Session 2 $80
Incoming 3-9th Grade
June 4-7
Liberty Soccer Fields
Incoming 9th grade
Session 1: June 11-29
Session 2: July 9-27
(off week of July 4;
off day of July 20)
Grades 9-12: 7:15—8:45 A.M.
(can register for one or both sessions)
Bruce Eubanks Natatorium
session 1
session 2
Incoming 9-12th grade

Good Morning Anderson!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Free Summer Bowling!

That means it’s time for Kids Bowl Free!

Some of you on this list have requested a center in your community and we’re actively trying to get one or we may have got one to participate in your community.  

To check the current list of participating locations please visit:

We have a record number of centers participating for the 11th straight year.  Each day we continue to add even more centers.  We're currently working to get at least one in Las Vegas and are hopeful we will have one for the many families that have been begging us for 10 years. 

I'll be updating everyone again next week.

Special Offer For Kids Bowl Free Fans!

Because you’ve shown interest in the program and you have asked to help us promote the program we are going to make a special product available to you.

This was created to be another option for our Kids Bowl Free members, but you might find great value in it even if you can’t find a bowling center near you to participate.

We’ve partnered with a great deals and coupons app that allows you access to over 300,000 discounts on things that you use every day including restaurants, movie theaters, bowling alleys, grocery stores, cell phone plans and much more.

Plus, you’ll also receive an instant $25 gift certificate code.

Normally the Kids Bowl Free Super Saver will be selling for $19.95, but for the first 100 families that grab our Kids Bowl Free Super Save you’ll get it for a 50% discount or just $9.95.

Click here to get yours ==>

If you need more details you can also watch a short video about the program and the app.

Have a great day,

Co-Founder, Kids Bowl Free

Monday, May 7, 2018