Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Kids Teaching Kids!!! Love it!

Kids Teaching Kids

The kids teaching kids program is designed to educate students in regards to the childhood obesity epidemic.  The high school students are challenged to create healthy, flavorful, kid-friendly snacks, while the younger children learn that healthy eating can be delicious and fun.

Medical City Children’s Hospital and The Greater Dallas Restaurant Association (GDRA) have partnered together to take this program and reach out to high schools participating in the Texas ProStart program, the Texas Restaurant Association's culinary high school program. These culinary students work with a Medical City Children’s Hospital Registered Dietitian and a TCA (Texas Chef Association) chef mentor to create fun snacks adapted to fit nutritional guidelines. These recipes are combined with pictures taken by the school's photography and help with layout and design from the computer science students, to create a fun and healthy snack book for all ages to enjoy. Thanks to our sponsors who pay for book production, 4th and 5th graders from each school districts will receive a free copy of the snack book and benefit from treats that are edible arts-and-crafts, provide nutritional facts, and easy-to-make with common pantry items.

The ultimate goal of the kids teaching kidssm booklet is to introduce healthy snack choices that kids will enjoy and influence future chefs to consider healthy and nutritious ingredients when preparing recipes.

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