Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Marathon Kids Newsletter!

Fit Kids Score Higher on Standardized Tests
Testing season is here! Many of our schools are under the pressure of new state-wide standardized tests with more rigorous and challenging writing, reading, and math components.

In the season of standardized tests, we are reminded of the importance to encourage your children to remain active. Studies have shown that active children are more focused and actually perform better on standardized exams.

Principal Monica Villaseñor knows the importance of fitness when it comes to test scores: "We know that plenty of exercise helps our kids score higher in school. With the new pressure of STAAR, we want to ensure that they get as many minutes of physical activity in between tests, so they may function at their best academically."

Marathon Families parent Zaira Hernandez is working with her wellness team to start Zumba for kids after school.  "We love our parent fitness class and want to make sure the kids get the same opportunity, especially because they have to sit for so much of the day, and we want to make sure they get a chance to get all that energy out so they can be prepared to focus and study hard.”

Parents—do you know how many minutes of physical activity are required per week, for children in your schools district?  Are they getting all of those minutes, even during testing season? We know that PE teachers and wellness champions on the faculty are working hard to keep fitness a priority; make sure they know they have your support!

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