Thursday, January 9, 2014

Student Nutrition Advisory Council

We are so excited to announce the SNAC  program at Anderson.  Mrs. Kelly's 5th grade students will pilot this new program.  They had their first lesson on whole wheat today.  The students had a hands on lesson from Mrs. McKenzie.  Mrs. McKenzie is a registered dietitian for FISD with a passion for teaching the importance of fueling our bodies.  The lesson allowed the children to sample a variety of healthy whole grain foods.  The goal of the SNAC is to teach the lesson and have the students share what they have learned with other students at Anderson.  Next month's lesson will focus on fruit.  A big thank you to Ms. Ely and her cafeteria staff for taking the time to prepare the samples for our children.  We are lucky to be in a district that truly cares about the health of all children.

A Demonstration on White Bread VS. Whole Wheat Bread

Sample Time

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