Monday, March 10, 2014

Note From 100 Mile Club--- Anderson Family is NOT Stopping our Journey

Part of what we do is teach our kids that everyone has a personal best. Helping our kids find that personal best, recognize it, and seek that personal best again and again. 
The idea behind 100 Mile Club® is personal best first...100 miles second.

Please do not quit this venture because you feel 100 miles can't be achieved.  The first big milestone is at 25 miles, and that is the awesome t-shirt! Let's get them there and celebrate that!! 
After 25, let's shoot for whatever comes next. 35? 50? 60? 75?, maybe even 100!  You never know till you try. (Plus, you have make up days too.  Remember, if your year extends, so does ours.)
Setbacks happen. Just go for it and let's do what we can with the time we have.
Jump up and down in the hallways if you have to, but do something to keep moving...WE CAN DO THIS TOGETHER. :)
We are 100% here for you always.  Thank you for being part of our 100 Mile Club® family. Feel free to call me with thoughts and ideas.  We want to make you and your kids as successful as possible and help them (and you) enjoy this journey, no matter how far you go.
Yours ALWAYS (even in sub -0 and weird weather),

I couldn't be more proud of our Anderson 100 Mile Club!  Keep it up and enjoy the few days of beautiful weather we are going to have over Spring Break!  HUT HUT and Keep Moving Forward!!!

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