Thursday, December 10, 2015

Fuel up to Play!

Congratulations to Anderson's Student Ambassadors earning at least 30,000 points on Fuel up to Play.   All ambassadors are from the fourth grade!  Vardan, Ally S. and Camille S.  

It's the season of giving — and we're giving you more Challenges and ways to earn Points!

Try these activities and pump up your Points before the New Year:
  • Plays from the Playbook: Up to 36,000 Points (two from 2015-2016, two from Last Season’s Plays)
  • Challenges: Up to 1,500 Points per Challenge (look for new Challenges this month!)
  • Mini-Lessons: Up to 6,000 Points per Mini-Lesson
  • Get the Word Out: Up to 10,000 Points
  • Team Up with a Program Advisor and build your team: Up to 17,500 Points

But wait, there’s more!
Points can help you become eligible to apply for a chance to attend the 2016 Student Ambassador Summit next summer! Once you’ve achieved Level Four (45,000+ Points), log in and visit the Summit and Ambassadors page to learn more.
Here’s to a happy and healthy holiday — and Points!

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