Thursday, May 5, 2016

100 Mile Club Summer Addition!

rclub 262 sun smallereated from a need expressed by parents who asked, “What about during the summer? How do we keep our kids and our families moving?” The Club 262 Summer Challenge will keep your entire family moving all summer long.


The course? The world is your course! We challenge kids, their friends, and the entire family to run or walk a total of 26.2 miles from June 1 to July 30. 
Up for a bigger challenge? Complete 262 miles. Do whatever 262 means to YOU.

Get those miles in at the park, on a trail, vacation, family walks, at the beach, and even at an amusement park. WHEREVER you want. Or…you can join us at any number of community meet-ups all summer long!
$10 per participant (plus shipping if needed).  
ALL participants will receive an EXCLUSIVE Club 262 T-shirt to rock all summer long and a FINISHER decal to share proudly when you finish your challenge! 

                                                             Registration is Open

MOCKUP TEMPLATE - DO NOT MOVE -Copy to new folder-Club262_2016_Front

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